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Super Cup Stock Car Series Releases 2015 Schedule

see it at www.supercupstockcarseries.com


A History of the Super Cup Stock Car Series... (a nice story as we look forward to 2015)


Chapter One


About a year ago a rumbling started in the short track world.  Talk about a touring series that was affordable started to circulate.  With interest growing and costs escalating out of control the time was right.  Major changes year after year forced teams to withdraw from USAR.  The time had come to get back to the basic idea of running the cars that you already had.  Several people were interested in a low cost series and came together to make it happen.  The time for talking was over, and the time for doing was here.


On October 13th 2007 Hickory Motor Speedway was chosen for an exhibition race.  Teams from as far away as Iowa and Pennsylvania came to compete.  Fifteen cars showed up for a 50 lap trophy dash.  Dexter Canipe Jr. of Newton NC. won the race.


On October 27th a second race at Tri-county speedway had competitors from Florida, Mississippi and Indiana joining in as well.  Ryan Miller from Ohio won that race.


The Super Cup Stock Car Series was formed by a five member advisory board consisting of Owners, Drivers and Officials from USAR.


On November 11th 2007 a meeting was held to determine the format of this series.  The exhibition races indicated that a new series would be well received.  The core of this series would be pro-cup cars that were no longer eligible to compete.  The New Series Made appearances at the PRI Show in Orlando as well as Piedmont Expo in NC.  The schedule was set for 2008.  In three hundred and fifty three days, ten sanctioned races were held in five states at seven different race tracks.  The new series had four first time winners.  Two veterans also won races making six different winners in it's first season.


Chapter Two


The direction of the Super Cup Stock Car Series may have changed, but its goals have not.


Continue with a simple idea that we started with in the first place:  Race the cars that you have and don't change anything that you don't have to.  Be inclusive, not exclusive, allow similar type cars to race with the fewest amount of changes.  Hold races in the areas where the teams are.


We have never forgotten that this series was started for the people who were priced out by constant changes and high travel costs.  The main reason we have been so successful is by controlling the costs.  Our experience shows that the most expensive thing in racing is a rule that saves money. (Amen)


Over the years this series has seen a little bit of everything.  We had a mix of Winston Cup, Busch, and ARCA cars along with North & East series cars.  These cars are still welcome today with some minor changes that help us to maintain our own identity.


When Pro Cup shut down at the end of 2014 it left teams wondering what they can do with these cars.  Several Pro Cup cars have already switched to SCSCS after the greenhouse area was approved last year making the changeover much easier.


Slowly over the last seven years the series moved its races, as registration grew in the north and declined in the south.  SCSCS first raced at Motordrome Speedway (PA) in 2010.  In 2013 we raced at CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield for the first time.  2014 saw the series return to CNB twice and also raced two times at the recently reopened Jennerstown Speedway.


The 2015 season will see a return of asphalt racing to the keystone state in a big way with all three tracks in West-Central Pa. open and hosting Super Cup races.


Super Cup will begin its eighth season at CNB on May 2nd and will be passing though Motordrome for a summer sizzler race on July 17th ending at Jennerstown in September for the Flight 93 Memorial race after their annual stops at Midvale and Columbus Motor Speedway in Ohio.


SCSCS has had several requests to bring the series to some southern tracks in the near future and is looking to return our style of stock car racing to North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and West Virginia.  Teams and track owners are encouraged to contact SCSCS for more information.


The future looks bright for the series, teams, and tracks that host them.



Bainey Family Back in 2015

Super Cup Stock Car Series Signed for 3 Events

Tim Bainey Jr back in charge at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield

The Bainey family announced they will return as owners of the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield effective immediately with Tim Bainey Jr back and taking charge of the effort.

“I’m excited to announce that we are back and have everything in place for what I am sure will be some of the most exciting events ever at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA,” said Tim Jr.

“My family has a lot of commitments between our different businesses, and that is what made us decide to sale in 2012. The last few years have been really tough on “local racing” in general… dirt and asphalt. But with that in mind I feel like there is no better time than right now to put these things together and set a plan in place that will give us a GREAT PLACE to go and lots of fun for years to come at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA!”

“We have one of the biggest and nicest racing facilities in this part of the country and there is no doubt we live in an area where - dirt or asphalt – street, backroads, drags, or even go-karts – the kind of people who live in this part of the country just love the idea of racing in general and we need to be able to bring them all together in a place where they can enjoy themselves, have a great time, and create those kind of memories that someday they will be telling their grandkids about… and that is exactly what we are going to do!”

“We’ve been working very hard the last few months to get things in line, and we have some REALLY exciting announcements that we will be releasing over the next few weeks. The all new Street Wars deal is going to be awesome, but we will share those details soon. We are excited to kick things off with announcing our new deal with the Super Cup Stock Car Series for 3 Events in 2015.”

Super Cup Stock Car Series signed for 3 Events at CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA in 2015

The Super Cup Stock Car Series has announced a long term partnership with the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA in a venture that will see them make 3 appearances at the speedway in 2015.


“I believe Super Cup Stock Car Series is the key to the future of Asphalt Racing in this part of the country,” said speedway president Tim Bainey Jr. in a short interview.


“Local racing as most of us have always remembered it just isn’t a real option anymore for fans, drivers, or tracks. I hate to say it, but that’s just a fact. People don’t have the time or the money (or both) to be able to do it week in and week out with the way the costs have just climbed to the crazy levels they have anymore. That is why we decided to get so involved with the Super Cup Stock Car Series.”


“The series promotes itself as ‘Racing the way it used to be’ which is exactly what people need. It is an affordable way to have fun, in a great atmosphere, with good competition, and set up in a way that resembles what Nascar Racing was a few years ago when it was so popular. The series really has it all and that is why I am making a personal commitment to helping bring this series to our region.”


“I invite anyone who might be interested in buying a car for the series to personally call me (or email info@cnbbankracewaypark.com), I really believe it is that good. The series uses old Nascar Nationwide, Busch, or Cup style cars. Surprisingly I know many of the guys in the series who bought race ready cars – engines, transmissions, seats, shocks, and all - anywhere from $8,000 on the low end to maybe $18,000 on the high end. And with the way the series runs on ‘old/used’ race tires, it really makes it an equal playing field where they keep you from “outspending” the next guy. Anyone who has seen a Super Cup Race will tell you they are very exciting and competitive to watch.”

“My idea is that local racers right here in our region can go out and buy one of these cars. On a side note - I think its pretty cool to know that you are racing a car that at one time probably ran a Nascar race at Bristol, or Atlanta, maybe even Daytona – who knows. But you buy a car – knowing you can run it right here in Clearfield 3 times a year in events that are planned, laid out, and ran just like a Nascar Event. They have a 2 hour practice session, then Qualifying Time Trials, and a Main Event that follows closely along the guidelines of a Cup Race (double file restarts, lucky dog passes, etc).”

“Now you run Clearfield 3 times a year, but that doesn’t have to be all – you can take this same car and go to any of the series other National Events if you want. You could run CNB 3 times, and go to Jennerstown 2 times. You would keep your travel costs down, and run more laps in those 5 events that you would if you ran a full season in a street stock or late model at the local dirt or asphalt tracks in the past. If you want – load up the crew and head out of state for one of the series other events in Virginia, North Carolina, or wherever you want.”

“And that will also help a great deal in getting sponsors involved with your team. A local company will see value in Clearfield, but a bigger company might say I want to do Jennerstown as well. An even bigger one could say lets do a little in Ohio, or maybe lets do them all. It has real value all the way around.”

“Even if you ran the series full time, the events are spaced at 1-2 times per month, so you can still enjoy a lot of your summer weekends doing other things with the family (cookouts, little league games, parades, fairs, maybe some Friday Night Drag Racing at CNB Bank Raceway). It allows the family to still enjoy racing, but keep everyone happy and at the same time not go completely broke on racing.”

“And it gets better on the cost side. The parts for these cars are easy to pick up used from cup and nationwide teams for a fraction of what they cost new. A-arms, rear ends, brakes, suspension parts, hoses, fuel cells, all of it – the people within this series have the connections to get you whatever it is you need and they are just really a great group of racers to be around. Even if you currently have a dirt street stock or another asphalt car, some of those engines are comparable to what the series runs and you might be able to transfer a lot of your stuff over to one of these chassis and do it with very little expense.”

“So for all of these reasons and more, I am personally inviting racers from around the region to take a serious look and consider being a part of the Super Cup Stock Car Series. Give me a call and I will do whatever I can personally to help get you on track. I am really looking forward to seeing this grow in a way that will keep racing affordable for those of us who love it – long into the future.”

 Older Stories Below

JJ Pack Sweeps at CNB Bank Raceway Park and

 Moves One Step Closer to Super Cup Championship


Skyland, North Carolina (August 24, 2014) – The headline may lead to the thought that Bealeton, Virginia’s JJ Pack had a dominant path to a flag-to-flag win in Saturday night’s Cool Shirt Systems 75 presented by On Track Racing Experience; however, it was nothing of the sort.


Pack claimed his second straight pole award in convincing fashion, but after the redraw started on the outside of row one next to Brian Harrison who was returning after a two race absence.  At a facility that had undergone significant rainfall in the last week it was unknown how the cars would react to going side by side from the get go.  Nevertheless, Pack worked his way around on the outside for the lead before coming to the stripe to complete the first lap.


His next challenger was Larry Berg, a driver making his first series start in his grandson Codie Rohrbaugh’s Jennerstown winning Chevrolet.  Berg used an unusually low line through the turns that was working and allowed him to close in on Pack.  Unfortunately, smoke began to appear from the back of the 05 car and was sidelined during the first yellow flag of the evening with motor problems.


That caution was brought out due to some light contact between Kevin Kromer and Brian Harrison racing for third.  Harrison went around in turn two and Kromer was sent to the back for the restart for initiating the contact.


For the first time in Super Cup Stock Car Series history, the restart would be in double-file formation, and this time Pack had to fight off Brent Nelson for many laps.  Nelson would later run into a setback approaching the lapped car of Mike Senica ending up with right rear cosmetic damage and bringing out the second and final caution of the evening past halfway.


Prior to the yellow, Kevin Kromer was on a mission to remain in the championship hunt and moved past Nelson for second.  For this restart, per the new double-file restart option procedure, Kromer would choose to line up behind Pack on the inside while Brian Harrison rolled the dice and chose to start on the outside front row.  Kromer would easily get by Harrison for second and set his sights on Pack. He continued to get enormous runs going into turn three and for a short time looked like a rematch of the previous race at Midvale was beginning to set itself up.


Pack would prove to have the better car coming out of the corners and went on his way to his second victory of the season, both occurring at Clearfield, Pennsylvania’s CNB Bank Raceway Park.


“The whole time we had to try to manage our tires a little bit plus the track was weeping a little bit of water here and there,” said Pack.  “Brent came on pretty hard and then Kromer came on pretty hard, so it was not as easy as it looks.”


Kevin Kromer did all he could to catch and pass Pack, but came up short and now faces a tall order going into the season finale at Jennerstown Speedway in three weeks.


“The restart where I got put to the back for the mishap I used pretty much of the car up, and that last restart hurt me,” said Kromer.  “I had him run down and I think you would have seen a Midvale repeat if it would have stayed green, but that last restart I had nothing left anymore.”


Nelson recovered for a third place finish, while son and father Brian and Harvey Harrison finished fourth and fifth.


Much more will be available on www.supercupstockcarseries.com and the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SCSCSRacing) leading up to the 2014 championship race, which will also serve as a big night for the Jennerstown Speedway facility.  The Flight 93 National Memorial Night will feature the ARCA Truck Series, five local division finales, and numerous additional festivities in addition to the last race of the Super Cup Stock Car Series season.


F S Car Driver                   Hometown             Sponsor/Make                
1   16 J.J. Pack Bealeton, VA Black Draft Distillery / IceBoxx Customs Chevrolet
2   77 Kevin Kromer Walnutport, PA Kromer Plumbing, Heating and Air Chevrolet
3   80 Brent Nelson Petersburg, WV Berg Construction / Atkinson Welding Chevrolet
4   15 Brian Harrison Renick, WV CoalFacts.org Chevrolet
5   51 Harvey Harrison Renick, WV Southern Coal Corporation Chevrolet
6   18 Jeff Zillweger Pittsburgh, PA Jeff Zillweger Landscaping / Anderson Welding Chevrolet
7   69 Chris Wenzel  (R) Saddle Brook, NJ Camp Auto & Truck Parts Pontiac
8   35 Bill Ashton  (R) Uniontown, PA Medved Moving & Storage / Bill's Wood Stoves
9   9 Lou Ansell Manns Choice, PA Ansel Racing Chevrolet
10   52 Kyle Kromer Walnutport, PA Kromer Plumbing, Heating & Air Chevrolet
11   47 Mike Senica Doylestown, PA Bell Plantation / DP Quality Foods Chevrolet
12   05b Larry Berg Petersburg, WV Sponsor Not Listed Chevrolet
13   36 Josh Ebbert  (R) Anderson, IN Don Gnat Racing Chevrolet


Pole Award 16 - JJ Pack
Halfway Leader 16 - JJ Pack
Hard Charger 69 - Chris Wenzel
35 - Bill Ashton
Led Most Laps 16 - JJ Pack
Lap Leaders 16 - JJ Pack



Monster Truck Event Crushes it at CNB Bank Raceway Park!!!

Friday July 4th -

lt was a great night at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA where for the Monster Trucks visited the Speedway for the first time in track history!


XDP, Stinger, Mopar 1, Instigator, and Backdraft headlined the event that proved to be a hit with the Pennsylvania Crowd!


World Record Holding Motorcycle Stuntman Doug Danger was on hand along with several members of the KSR QUAD WARS 4-Wheel ATV Team.


Check out our Photo Gallery Below



JJ Pack Advances from the Back at CNB Bank Raceway Park for First Win of 2014

Skyland, North Carolina (June 23, 2014) –Last time out at Columbus Motor Speedway JJ Pack climbed from the back to the lead after spinning on the first lap, but wound up with a runner up finish.  This time around, the Bealeton, Virginia driver didn’t look back when he took the lead nearly a third of the way through the Cool Shirt 75 presented by RH2 at CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, Pennsylvania after starting outside of the top ten.

“I took my time, just wanted to pace myself and get through the field,” said Pack.

Jeff Zillweger set fast time, a first in his Super Cup Stock Car Series career, and after the redraw started on the outside of pole starter Todd Peck.  Peck, the flag-to-flag winner at the track in 2013, set the pace before a motor let go five laps in.

This set up a lengthy caution for cleanup, but when racing resumed fans were treated to an intense battle for the lead between Virginia’s Rob Morris and Pennsylvania’s Kevin Kromer.  Kromer took sole possession of the lead after five laps of side by side racing, but Morris wasn’t done with Columbus winner Brent Nelson and Pack approaching fast.

After a caution on lap 20, the next five laps saw three different leaders with Pack finally making the move for the lead.  From there the race was all Pack’s, but he wasn’t sure at the time if it was the right moment to make the move with Kevin and Rob battling pretty hard in front of him.

“I wanted to take my time, because I knew this was a good run for Rob,” said Pack.  “I’m pretty proud of him.  I wanted things to sort out a little better with them, and then I just got that racer instinct and couldn’t wait anymore.”

Second place finisher Kromer admitted he had nothing for Pack once he got by, but was pleased with the strong run after the weekend they went through.  He was thankful for the support they received from the other teams when they ran into some issues.

“We came out and tested yesterday,” explained Kromer.  “We got a flat and I came in and lost the brakes.  The (Brian and Harvey) Harrison and (Chris) Wenzel (teams) all stayed and helped until we got it all back together and in the trailer.”

Nelson stayed in the top five all night, but was unable to muster more than a third place finish after winning the last couple Super Cup races.  Brian Harrison stayed out of trouble to finish fourth.  Morris salvaged a best career fifth after the car ran hot in the closing laps, and after the race found that the cap blew off most likely from earlier contact.  Nevertheless, he was satisfied with the result and thanked the race winner for assisting in getting the car where it needs to be.

“I’ve been off for a year, so my strategy was to come out here and just improve on the setup,” said Morris.  “JJ helped me in the offseason, put a new body on, helped me with setup, made some big improvements on the car.  Now I’ve got a car that I like.  I just want to thank Pack Racing, Brent Nelson, Kevin Kromer, and everybody especially (Super Cup Stock Car Series Director of Competition) Joe Schmaling for putting on a race at a wonderful track up here in central Pennsylvania.”

For JJ Pack, this puts him in a great position toward the championship race, which is their goal this season.

“I can’t thank McGunegill Engines enough, IceBoxx Customs, (car owner) Cal Richardson, the whole crew for doing everything to keep this car the way it is,” said Pack.  “We’re looking forward to the championship this year.”

Stay tuned to www.supercupstockcarseries.com for official results and standings as well as the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SCSCSRacing) for even more as the 2014 season continues



Super Cup Continues Ties to Stock Car Racing’s Roots While Looking Ahead to Next Series Race at CNB Bank Raceway Park


Skyland, North Carolina (June 23, 2014) – The Super Cup Stock Car Series is known as “Racin’ the Way It Used to be” and there are many reasons for that as the cars and stars enter the Cool Shirt 75 presented by RH2.


Followers of stock car racing for decades are most likely familiar with the independent Potter racing family.  Jess Potter fielded a ’57 Chevy on the Daytona Beach Road Course as well as two cars in the first Daytona 500 in 1959. His son Mike started sixty NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races from 1979 through 1993, and now looks to make his second career start in Super Cup and at CNB Bank Raceway Park.  After a seventh place finish in 2013 the Johnson City, Tennessee driver looks to come back for more, but why at a track in Clearfield, Pennsylvania?


“I liked the race track,” simply stated Mike Potter.  “I think all race tracks should be just like that.”


The veteran driver brings a car with a good amount of history.  The number 14 Chevrolet sponsored by Surplus Brokers and Wrench Rags was originally a Cup car he competed with in the early 1990s, was later converted to an ARCA and Pro Cup car, and now is able to run with Super Cup.  Despite the age of the car and the driver, Mike is very confident about his chances.


“We’re coming up there to win the race,” said Potter.


Mike had originally planned to make his season debut at Jennerstown Speedway in May, but unfortunately rain put a stop to those efforts.  In fact, his brother Gary was also planning to compete for the first time since a NASCAR Nationwide (then Budweiser Late Model Sportsman) Series race in 1983.  Gary went on to work for teams in the NASCAR garage, most notably with Terry Labonte at Hendrick Motorsports in the 1990s.  Mike looks back on his own career as someone who had the chance to do things others didn’t get to do, and feels that the racing as well as the atmosphere in the Super Cup pit area relates back to the way it was many years ago.


“It’s all about aerodynamics and technology and engineering and all that stuff now in NASCAR,” said Potter.  “Super Cup doesn’t have any of that.  You get to drive the car a bit and run up against others.  You’ve got some control of the car.  That’s what we did it for most of our lives because it wasn’t about the money.  What racing is about is rubbin’ a little bit and having a good time.”


Several other drivers, many of which have multiple generations of racing history in their blood, will look to navigate the largest track the series visits all season.  During last year’s inaugural appearance, Todd Peck held off several challenges from JJ Pack during a long green flag run and a green-white-checkered finish to lead the race flag-to-flag.  Both are slated to return for this year’s running, along with Brent Nelson who rides in on a two race winning streak.


There is an optional practice on Friday evening from 5:00pm until dark, while all drivers will hit the track on Saturday afternoon in preparation for the 75 lap feature later in the evening.  A full schedule can be viewed at www.supercupstockcarseries.com and updates leading up to and throughout race day will be available on the official Super Cup Stock Car Series Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SCSCSRacing).


Pricing & Admission Race Events;



 $10/Adults, $5/Ages 11-17 , 10 and Under are FREE




Drive-In Parking Area

$15/Adult , $10/Ages 11-17,  10 and Under are FREE

Coolers & Self-Contained Cooking apparatus Allowed in Drive-In Area



CNB Raceway Park Spring Madness Results

April 18, 2014 RACE RESULTS


Spring Madness Enduro
Finishing Order
Position Number Driver
1 71 Jeff Ackerman
2 151 Eric Boozel
3 3s Steve Settle
4 311 Mike Koppenhaver
5 75 Brian Sprague
6 54 Tim Callahan
7 111 Jimmy Neiman
8 21 Ricky Weaver, Jr
9 43 Tim Gillette
10 623 Kody Barrett
11 100 Danielle Panach
12 20 Aaron Hill
13 48k Paul Koffler
14 90 Joel Matter
15 24 Tony Hilliard
16 3 Steven Hill
17 87 Ben Ferree


CNB Bank Raceway Park Ground Hog 100 Gets

2014 Started with Tim Gillette in Victory Lane!

Race Recap: Aaron Hill started on the pole and held the lead for 4 laps, before being the first car to drop out of the race. #75 Brian Sprague inherited the lead and was in control until lap 35 when he dropped out due to a broken timing belt.


From there, Skip Lindemuth, #455, took over the lead until lap 49. Enduro specialist, Tim Gillette (#43), passed Skip for the lead and held on for the last 50 laps of the race. Tim was challenged for a few laps by Jimmy Neiman, who chose to start dead last and worked his way up through the field.


Steve Cook, a former street stock champion, moved up to challenge Gillette at about lap 65 and kept the pressure on throughout the rest of the race. Neiman slipped back to fourth on lap 86 when Eric Boozel got by him.


The top four ran together the last 15 laps of the race and any one could have won it. But Gillette never faltered and went on for the Victory!


Groundhog 100   
Finishing Order  
Position Number Driver  
1 43 Tim Gillette $1,000
2 27 Steve Cook $500
3 151 Eric Boozel $250
4 111 Jimmy Neiman $125
5 455 Skip Lindemuth  
6 21 Ricky Weaver, Jr  
7 54 Shawn Lindemuth  
8 71 Jeff Ackerman  
9 33 Keith Rumer  
10 24 Tony Hilliard  
11 28 Fuzzy Field  
12 90 Joel Matter  
13 23 Mark Peck  
14 25J Nate Romig  
15 17 Andy Proper  
16 19 Wade Potts  
17 75 Brian Sprague  
18 311 Mike Koppenhaver  
19 623 Kody Barrett  
20 20 Aaron Hill  





Modified - #4 Bobby Shipp

Dirt Pure Stock - #4 Jason Beichner

Asphalt Charger - #16 Chad Garrity

4 Cyl FWD - #3s  Steve Settle, Sr

Dirt Street Stock - #T3  Tom Scott

Asphalt Street Stock - #00 Scott Aiello

The overall winner of the Keystone Open was Tom Scott.




See Photos from September 14th Event Here by Howie Balis



By Terry Whetstone


CLEARFIELD, PA – Glenn Gault Jr. of Hubbard, OH copped the 100-lap Late Model special Saturday night at CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield. Joining Gault in victory lane on WTAJ Night were: Anthony Aiello of White Oak in the Street Stocks, Ron Eiford of Scottdale in the Chargers and Jared Broughner of Scottdale in the Four Cylinders.

By virtue of his fast time Nathan Russell sat on the pole for the 100-lap Late Model event, with Glenn Gault Jr. alongside. The green flag waved with Russell shooting into the lead and setting the pace, as Gault followed in second and Sam Fullone a very close third.


The first caution waved on lap seven, then went quickly to a red as Ed Dillon blew the engine in turn one, but the leaders were right there, and Russell hit the oil, causing the #75 to go out of control and make hard impact with the first turn wall.

While Russell was not hurt, his car needed the assistance of a rollback to get to the pits. Once the oil was cleared from the surface, Gault inherited the lead and Fullone was still in second but the next caution waved just six laps later, when Fullone nearly got into the back of Gault exiting turn four, in an effort to keep from making contact, Fullone swerved to the left, spinning out of control and into the inside guardrail. He would eventually drop out of the race.


The next stop was a competition caution on lap 50, and after that Gault was able to set sail, as he was opening up a huge lead in the second half of the race. As he was in his own little world, the battle for second place back was heating up, as Bob Weber, who changed a tire at the break and had to tail the filed was heading towards the front, he passed Matt Sever, who ran third much of the race with 39 laps to go.


Then Tom Fares Jr. and Jeff Brown started to run down Weber and Sever as Fares passed Weber for second on the 99th lap, as Joe Beretta spun in turn four to set up a two lap dash for the cash. This saw Gaults lead go out the window, and as the race restarted, Fares was all over Gaults bumper, but Gault was able to hold on for the victory. Fares, Sever, Brown and Weber completed the top five.


Lauren Butler and Paul Mollura won the Street Stock heats to sit them on the front row for the feature, with Butler leading the opening lap. She lost the lead to Anthony Aiello three as AJ Poljak took second from her on lap five. The non-stop event saw Poljak try to get past Aiello, but to no avail, as Aiello went to victory lane over Poljak, Scott Aiello, Joe Mancuso and Andrew Kostclnick.


The Chargers were led to the start with Ron Eiford and Roger Bryan on the front row, as Eiford took the lead and never gave it up, as he kept Bryan in second the whole race. At the waving of Allen Luzier’s double checkered flags it was Eiford winning over Bryan, Jon Scott, Char Garritty and Lou Botte.


The Four Cylinders saw Larry Dunmyer lead the opening four laps, with Jared Broughner in second. Broughner took the lead from Dunmyer on lap five and went on to win the non-stop race over Dunmyer, Mike Lucas, Corrin Monosky and Kody Barrett.


BANK NOTES: 34 cars filled the pits, including: 12 Late Models, 11 Street Stocks, 5 Chargers and 6 Four Cylinders…Coming up on Oct. 12 is the Keystone Open. It’s dirt versus asphalt day of racing, as dirt cars can compete on asphalt tires in the Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Four Cylinder divisions. Then to final event of the day will be a dirt Vs. asphalt challenge as the top so many from each type of racing surface will do battle to see which type comes out on top. Details on admission prices and race times will be posted on the CNB Bank Raceway Park website as www.cnbbankracewaypark.com




Late Models: 1. Glenn Gault Jr., Hubbard, OH; 2. Tom Fares Jr., 3. Matt Sever, 4. Jeff Brown, 5. Bob Weber, 6. Dan Lewis, 7. Joe Beretta, 8. Nick Crassi, 9. Sam Fullone, 10. Walt Timblin Jr., 11. Nathan Russell, 12. Ed Dillon.


Street Stocks: 1. Anthony Aiello, White Oak; 2. AJ Poljak, 3. Scott Aiello, 4. Joe Mancuso, 5. Andrew Kostzlnick, 6. Ryan Escott, 7. Greg Kent, 8. Jerry Alaskey, 9. Lauren Butler, 10. Paul Mollura,


Chargers: 1. Ron Eiford, Scottdale; 2. Roger Bryan, 3. Jon Scott, 4. Chad Garritty, 5. Lou Botte.


Four Cylinders: 1. Jared Broughner, Scottdale; 2. Larry Dunmyer, 3. Mike Lucas, 4. Corrin Monosky, 5. Kody Barrett.



CNB Bank Raceway Park Ready for September 14th Event!

The FULL SCHEDULE for the Saturday September 14th Event has been released and things are being set for the Big Event!


"We're looking forward to another great event at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield," said Track Owner Rob Hindt. "We had a great turnout for the last one, and we are continuing to build our programs as we look towards the future of the Speedway!"


Event times are posted below, the rules and payouts are posted under the RULES AND EVENT Page.



September 14, 2013
11:00 AM   Worker Check-in
Noon   Registration Begins & Pit Opens
2:00 PM   1st Late Model Practice
2:30 PM   SS, Chgr and 4cyl Practice
3:00 PM   Hillside and Grandstands Open
3:15 PM   2nd Late Model Practice
3:45 PM   2nd SS, Chgr & 4cyl Practice
4:30 PM   Practice Ends & LM Tires Released
4:45 PM   Drivers Meeting
5:30 PM   LM Tech Begins
5:45 PM   Qualifying Starts
6:45 PM   Invocation, National Anthem, Green Flag
11:00 PM   Lights Out




Gault Wins CNB Bank Late Model 100,

Lauren Butler wins Street Stock, Mike Lucas takes FWD 4-Cylinders

August 18th CNB Bank Raceway Park 100 PHOTOS HERE


Race Recaps:


Late Model - Sixteen Cars made the trip to the CNB Bank Raceway Park for the 3rd Scheduled Event of the Season.


The #8 of Travis Fisher started on the pole with a lap of 17.644 and lead the first six laps before Dave Russell in his #93 took over the lead and pulled away from the field until the Competition Caution at Lap 50. 


During the Break the #93 of Russell discovered a flat tire that would send him all the way to the back of the field for the restart on lap 51.  The #8 of Travis Fisher would take the lead at the restart and would be chased by the #11 of Bob Weber. On lap 62 the #32 of Glenn Gault Jr. made a move past both Fisher and Weber.


Weber moved into 2nd and made several strong challenges on Gault over the next 30 laps, but couldn't make the pass as Gault held on for the win.


The #75 of Nathan Russell made his own charge back towards the front during the 2nd half of the event and would hold off a hard charging Dave Russell in the #93 at the end.


Tom Fares Jr. rounded out the top 5 in his #07. Previous race winner, Sam Fullone #48, could never quite find the handle and settled for a 6th place finish.


4 CYL - Mike Lucas (81) lead wire to wire.  Eddie Hugill was challenging until he blew a tire on lap 7. Lucas cruised to victory after that.


Street Stock - Lauren Butler (53) lead wire to wire with Paul Mollura (3) challenging but losing ground near the end of the race.


The next event is scheduled for Saturday September 14th and will feature Late Models, Street Stocks, and FWD 4-Cylinders.


  Late Model Results 8/18/13
  Number Name Hometown
1 32 Glen Gault, Jr Hubbard, OH
2 11 Bob Weber Clarence Center, NY
3 75 Nathan Russell Curwensville, PA
4 93 Davis Russell Clarence Center, NY
5 07x Tom Fares, Jr Stow, OH
6 48 Sam Fullone North Collins, NY
7 20 Scott Nurmi Lake View, NY
8 44 Greg Kelley Connellsville, PA
9 21 Joseph Berretta Exeter, PA
10 81 (8) Travis Fisher Fern Glen, PA
11 07w Nick Crassi Gowanda, NY
12 2 Dave Whittaker Orchard Park, NY
13 20x Ron Nurmi Hamburg, NY
14 8B Joey Maruca Slickville, PA
15 8 Ed Dillon St. Marys, PA
16 56 Walt Timblin, Jr Morrisdale, PA


  Street Stock Results 8/18/2013
  Number Name Hometown
1 53 Lauren Butler Pittsburgh, PA
2 3 Paul Mollura Clearfield, PA
3 99 Jerry Alaskey Johnsonburg, PA
4 28 Dan Hummel Morrisdale, PA


  4 CYL FWD Results 8/18/2013
  Number Name Hometown
1 81 Mike Lucas Philipsburg, PA
2 35v George Rudy Curwensville, PA
3 14 Corin Monoskey Clearfield, PA
4 36w Eddie Hugill Patton, PA




Rules changes to note August 5th 2013:

  1) Street Stocks will NOT be required to purchase fuel, but fuel will be available. 

  2) Tire purchases for Street Stocks are not required, but tires will be available for purchase.

  3) 4Cyl Super Compacts will be allowed to use wire fencing for covering the windshield area instead of

      the lexan windshield.  A minimum of 2 bars are required in the windshield area.

  4) STREET STOCKS will allow 1 1/2" tube roll cages with wall thickness of 0.090 or greater



Clearfield County Dodge Dealers 100 & SuperCup 50 Start the Season Off with Some Excitement at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield!!!


It was an exciting first night of the season for the fans in attendance at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA as the #48 driven by Sam Fullone of New York took home the trophy in the Clearfield County Dodge Dealers 100 and Pennsylvania's Todd Peck took home the check in the Super Cup Stock Car Series 50 Lap Event!

The Kuntz Motor Company 50 presented by Boschett Timepieces saw the debut of the Super Cup Stock Car Series at the CNB Bank Raceway Park. Despite arriving just in time for practice due to a flat tire on their trailer, Jody Harrison put the past behind him and claimed another pole award with a time of 19.83 seconds around the 5/8 mile. The top four qualifiers were less than a tenth of a second apart.

The invert would be a three this time, which once again put Todd Peck on the pole with Friday’s winner J.J. Pack alongside. Peck jumped out to the early lead, but the race would be slowed for the first of four times after just one lap when a bolt would shear off of Brent Nelson’s right rear brake caliper sending him for a spin in the fourth turn.

The race remained under green past the halfway point, with the top five starters maintaining their positions on the track. On lap 42, Brian Harrison made a bid under Codie Rohrbaugh which resulted in both cars spinning going into turn four. A broken rear end put Rohrbaugh in the pit area for the remaining laps.

Another caution slowed the field a few laps later when former NASCAR driver Mike Potter spun and Jeremiah Kuntz, making his first start since a fifth place finish at Motordrome in 2010, spun as well to avoid him.

On the restart Peck remained pressured by Pack, who made several unsuccessful attempts along the outside to try to get by for the lead. As the leaders took the white flag, Brian Harrison hit some oil and went along for a ride on the frontstretch making hard contact with the inside wall with the front of his car, requiring the flatbed to come out and haul it back to the pit area. Harrison was okay, but suffered his fourth straight DNF after brake issues sidelined him the night before.

This set up a green-white-checkered finish, but Peck held off Pack and Jody Harrison for the flag-to-flag victory in his home state. It was his first win since Motordrome in 2011, and much of it was attributed to his ability to master the restarts.

“It’s something we’ve been working on. I got killed a couple weeks ago at Columbus and went from the outside pole to eighth. I swore that wasn’t going to happen again so I’ve been thinking it through and talking about some different strategies, and it paid off tonight.”

J.J. Pack was able to keep up with Peck for a good amount of the race, but fought an oil leak which was evident on the windshield of third place finisher Jody Harrison’s Ford after the race. J.P. Crabtree III and Kevin Kromer charged hard through the field and consistently finished fourth and fifth for the second straight night.

The 100 Lap Clearfield County Dodge Dealers 100 got off to a quick start on lap one, as field exited turn 4 a chain reaction saw the #15 of Nathan Russell, #11 of Bob Weber, and #75 of Barry Awtey all end up with slight damage after Russell was sent spinning across the track.


One the restart the #48 of Fullone showed he was going to be the one to beat, although the top-5 kept right in toe, he set a torrid pace for the first 50 laps. The fans were also keeping an eye on the #15 of Russell and the #11 of Weber who were busy working their way back up through the field after restarting from the rear.


After the halfway break at lap 50, the field lined up with Fullone in front, followed by the #15 of Russell and the #11 of Weber. Russell quickly pulled to the inside of Fullone and the pair would battle side by side for the next 8 laps before Fullone managed to regain control of the event. Weber made a charge at Russell for a few laps before the top 5 settled back in line.


A caution with 12 laps to go would set up a showdown for the finish. The #15 of Russell would once again make a charge at Fullone, this time completing the pass after 4 laps of side by side racing. But with 5 to go, Fullone wasn't done yet. He managed to pull back to the inside of Russell and the duo would put on a show for the final 4 laps as they exchanged the lead by inches several times!


Coming off turn 4 on the final lap side by side, Russell broke lose exiting the turn and spun, Fullone held on and took the win followed across the line by the #93 of David Russell, #20 of Scott Nurmi, #07 of Tom Fares Jr, and the #15 of Nathan Russell.


See photos here


Clearfield County Dodge Dealers 100 Lap Late Model Event

CNB Raceway Park


Position Car # Driver
1 48 Sam Fullone
2 93 David Russell
3 20 Scott Nurmi
4 07 Tom Fares, Jr
5 15 Nathan Russell
6 04 Bret Guzik
7 21 Joe Berretta
8 11 Bob Weber
9 20 Neil Gacom
10 51 Jeremy Holbrook
11 75 Barry Awtey
12 56 J. J. Pack
DNS 32 Glen Gault, Jr
DNS   Jeff Nurmi



Super Cup Stock Car Series

Kuntz Motor Company 50 presented by Boschett Timepieces

CNB Raceway Park

June 22, 2013

F S Car Driver Hometown Sponsor/Make Points Bonus Points
1   96 Todd Peck Hanover, PA Stopain Cold Pontiac 160 15
2   3 J.J. Pack Bealeton, VA GM Goodwrench Service of Warrenton Chevrolet 140  
3   75 Jody Harrison Renick, WV Harrison's Automotive Ford 135 5
4   83 J.P. Crabtree Muncie, IN McCreary County Funeral Home / Jim's Automotive Chevrolet 130  
5   77 Kevin Kromer Walnutport, PA Kromer Plumbing, Heating and Air Chevrolet 125 5
6   36 Derrick Layne (R) Muncie, IN McGunegill Engine Performance Chevrolet 120  
7   14P Mike Potter Johnson City, TN Surplus Brokers Office Furniture Chevrolet 116  
8   63 Jimmie Crabtree Muncie, IN McCreary County Funeral Home / Jim's Automotive Pontiac 112  
9   52 Kyle Kromer (R) Walnutport, PA Bo Tkach Foundation Chevrolet 108  
10   18 Jeff Zillweger (R) Pittsburgh, PA Jeff Zillweger Landscaping Chevrolet 104  
11   9K Jeremiah Kuntz Mahaffey, PA Kuntz Motor Company Dodge 100  
12   9 Lou Ansell McClellandtown, PA Ansel's Tire Outlet Chevrolet 96  
13   15 Brian Harrison Renick, WV CoalFacts.org Chevrolet 92  
14   05 Codie Rohrbaugh (R) Petersburg, WV Grant County Mulch, Inc. Pontiac 88  
15   51 Harvey Harrison Renick, WV Southern Coal Corporation Chevrolet 84  
16   80 Brent Nelson Petersburg, WV Berg Construction/Atkinson Welding Chevrolet 82  


Race Awards
  Pole Award ..... 75 - Jody Harrison
  Halfway Leader ..... 96 - Todd Peck
  Hard Charger ..... 77 - Kevin Kromer
  Led Most Laps ..... 96 - Todd Peck
  Lap Leaders ..... 96 - Todd Peck




CNB Bank Raceway Park getting ready for First Event of Season JUNE 22nd

This WEEKEND the first event of the 2013 Season at the CNB Bank Raceway Park!